We exist to serve the needs of the least amongst us.

About FOGS International, Inc.

In 1996, it all began with a small group of friends getting together for a children's education fund to assist Western Jamaica.  Thanks to our faithful donors, we are able to assist  with healthcare, education, emergency relief and much more.

We are proud to have maintained our administrative costs so that 100% of all donations go directly to programs that help the poor.  Our organization is built on compassion and love.  We pray that by God's grace, and with your support we can continue to serve those in need.

As of January 2015, we are pleased to advise that Friends of Good Shepherd Mobay, Inc. has been officially renamed to Friends of Good Shepherd International, Inc.  This name change reflects the organization's scope of philanthropy to include the various efforts of The Good Shepherd Foundation in Montego Bay, Mustard Seed Communities, and the Archbishop of Kingston Charities. All donations are tax deductible under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

We are a group of volunteers that reside in Florida and commit our time and resources to serve the poor and needy in the United States and internationally. Our mission is to provide financial, physicial and moral support, educational and healthcare needs to the disadvantaged.  We host fundraisers and solicit corporate and individuals to donate money, time and in-kind donations.

Some projects that we support are:

  • Hope Hospice, Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • Construction of Good Shepherd Medical Complex in Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • Mustard Seed Communities (homes for physically challenging children, children with severe disabilities and some living with HIV/AIDS, pregnant teenage mothers
  • Children's Education Fund assists students at all levels (tuition, lunch money, books, school uniforms and transportation)
  • Hope (Teaching) Health Clinic, Montego Bay, Jamaica.  Offering medical and dental care to over 20,000 patients each year. 
  • Consie Walter Cancer Care Hospice, Kingston, Jamaica
  • Scholarships to needy South Florida students entering college
  • Relief funds for victims of natural disasters in the United States and internationally 


  • President - Marie Buteau
  • Vice President - Jacques Davis
  • Secretary - Elaine Kong
  • Assistant Secretary:  Margaret Borges
  • Treasurer - Montgomery Kong
  • Assistant Treasurer:  Andrea Facey

    Friends of Good Shepherd International, Inc. has served hundreds in need throughout Jamaica, U.S. and the Caribbean. We still need your help, join our Mailing List to stay informed about events, fundraising efforts & updates on the charities we serve.

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